Social Studies- Update

We are currently studying ancient African kingdoms and one of the main cultural similarities for west African people was the tradition of storytelling to pass along traditions, history, and culture to younger generations. The person in each village who was the storyteller was called a Griot and held a very important and honored roll. Students are assigned to interview a family member that they would consider a Griot- StoryTeller (mother, father, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, etc.) The students should ask them to tell a family story; one where a lesson is learned, or tells family history, or one about a family tradition.

The due date for this assignment is Monday and they should be working on it over the weekend. This is one of my favorite assignments throughout the year; I love reading the stories that are shared but I also love knowing that the children are learning about their own families as well. My main rule is that the that takes place before they were born, it should not be about them. Examples of stories from previous years have been funny situations that parents and grandparents had during their childhood, or how grandparents began dating, military service, immigration stories, and even stories of family ancestry .

The assignment is posted on the Google classroom. Students should type and then submit them back on the Google Classroom.

Griot Story

Have a great weekend!

LA Update

Happy Weekend Gnomes!

We had a great first week back together. As you are all aware of at this point, Mrs. Barrow will not be returning to our team. Ms. Sherry del Valle has joined our team for the remainder of the year. She is an experienced teacher and is super excited to join us and teach your children!

For the upcoming week we will continue studying the elements of a fictional story and other related skills. On Friday, the students will read a fictional text and take a quiz. Next Monday, we will give a fiction test before we move to our poetry unit.

Please reach out with any questions or concerns.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Sherry del Valle & Nicole Messier

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Fresh Cut Flowers Needed for Lab on Thursday and Friday!

Starting on Thursday, we will be studying the parts of flowering plants. Doing so is ALWAYS more fun when we can actually look at flowering plants!

Would you be willing to pick up a bundle of cut flowers from the local grocery store or Trader Joe’s and send it in for us to study?

The types of flowers inside the bundle is not SUPER important — although Trader Joe’s has some Alstromeria for $4.00 a bundle right now that would be GREAT. I’d also love a bundle or two of Tulips — which are more expensive, but really cool to look at.

If you are willing to send in a bundle, I’d really appreciate it. Here is the Signup Genius.

If you could send the flowers in on Thursday or Friday of this week, it would be great!

Thank you,

Bill Ferriter

LA -Update

Happy Track Out Gnomes!

I am in the process of grading the informative consumer guides, and there are several students who need to share their website/infographic with me in order for me to grade it.

If you would please ask your child to check Google Classroom to see if they need to submit their work for a grade, that would be extremely helpful.

I posted an announcement to only the students who needed to take action.

Thanks so much!

Please reach out if you have any questions.

Nicole Messier

Found: Pair of Glasses

Dear Parents,

The other day, I found a pair of glasses in my room: Silver frames – black arms – Oakleys.

I’ve asked all of my classes and no one has claimed them. My guess is that they belong to one of our students, though.

If that sounds like a pair of glasses that your child is missing, please have them come and see me.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter

LA Update

In language arts class last week, the students worked on completing their problem and solution paragraphs. The students have been reminded that the writing portion is the key element of the Informative Consumer Guide. It was stressed that their paragraphs should include relevant and compelling evidence.

At this point, students are working at their own pace. The first step is to complete the problem and solution paragraphs and have a teacher review it. After their paragraphs have been reviewed, then students will work on creating an infographic. Mr. Caggia was very kind and uploaded flipped videos for students to follow. After they have a peer revise/edit their infographic, then they move to the last step, which is creating their own website. On this website, they will include their problem and solution paragraphs along with their infographic in a visually appealing manner.

Students have been working really hard, and I cannot wait to see the final result.

Extra Credit was also discussed last week and posted on Google Classroom for any student who is interested in completing it.

We are looking forward to a fun and productive last week before track out.

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

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Single Subject Acceleration – Math

Parents can find information about SSA on our school website under the Academics tab. The nomination and testing dates are posted and the parent/student nomination agreement form will be posted on April 1. This signed nomination form must be turned in to Ms. Baker during the dates below.

  • Track 1 nomination = 4/15-4/29 with testing between 5/7-5/13
  • Track 2 nomination = 4/16-4/30 with testing between 5/8-6/7
  • Track 3 nomination = 5/10-5/23 with testing between 6/3-6/7
  • Track 4 nomination = 5/10-5/23 with testing between 6/3-6/7

Wake County policy states that a student can not move from Math 6 to Math 7+ unless they score 80% or higher on the Math 7+ SSA assessment. The nomination and test dates are NOT flexible and Ms. Baker orders the tests the day after the nomination window closes.

For questions, please contact Cindi Baker at

LA Update

Hi Gnome Families!

Since PowerSchool is currently under construction, I wasn’t able to update grades this weekend. However, it should be up and running again early next week, and I will post grades as soon as I can.

This past week we completed our novel study of Flush, and the students will take the end-of-unit assessment on Monday.

For this upcoming week, we will be introducing our final unit of the quarter…our research and writing unit. Students will choose a topic and conduct research to identify and define the problem, along with possible solutions to this problem. The final product will be a website created by each student, which will include problem and solution paragraphs and an infographic. This week the students will focus on annotating their research articles and completing their graphic organizers.

Have a wonderful week!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

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