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Thank you!

Parents and students,

Thank you so much for all of the well-wishes, yummy homemade treats, gift cards and gifts that we have received these last few days. So generous of you all and much appreciated! What a nice and special way to end the quarter.

As you may remember, I will be out on maternity leave during quarter three. My family and I are very excited about welcoming a new baby girl soon! Please know that I will miss my Gnomes. I have a fantastic maternity sub, Margaret Edwards, who will be working with my co-teacher, Nicole Messier, during my absence. Mrs. Edwards has done other maternity jobs here at Salem, and I hear nothing but glowing reports. They are in good hands. 😊

If questions or concerns arise during my absence, please reach out to one of my teammates. They will be happy to help!

Again, thank you for all of the generosity you have shown over the past week, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful and restful track out.

With love,

Chambliss Barrow

Black iPhone Found on Team

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: A phone was found today and turned in to me. It’s a black iPhone with Sprint Cellular Service.

If your child comes home missing their device, have them see me and we will figure out who it belongs to.

For what it is worth, the notifications on the home screen are all from Instagram and are all, I THINK, about cheerleading!

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter

Reminder: Field Trip Tomorrow!

Dear Parents,

Just a quick reminder that our field trip to the North Carolina Museum of Science is tomorrow: Wednesday, November 7th.

Please remember to send your child with a bag lunch. Also please remind them to bring a string bag if they have one so they can carry their lunches with them easily.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly:

Be well,
Bill Ferriter

First Quarter Honors Assembly on Friday, November 9th

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that our team will be holding a first quarter Honors Assembly on Friday, November 9th from 8:30 AM to 9:30 AM in the Salem Middle School Auditorium.

Students will be recognized in three different areas:

Academic Honor Roll: We will give out an Honor Roll (students with a 3.0 GPA on a 4 point scale) and a High Honor Roll (students with As in every class). We will not notify parents directly if students are receiving either type of academic honor roll certificate because you (or your child) can look that information up directly in PowerSchool. There are simply too many students on the Honor Roll or the High Honor Roll to email everyone!

Kids of Character Awards: Four students will be recognized for demonstrating outstanding character throughout the first quarter. Parents of students receiving Kids of Character awards will be notified by Bill Ferriter via email sometime next week.

Teacher’s Choice Awards: Sixteen students will be recognized by individual teachers on the Gnomes team — four per teacher — as "Teacher’s Choice Award Winners." These awards are given for a variety of reasons. Sometimes, the awards are given for outstanding academic performance in class. Other times, they are given for bringing thoughtful questions or contributions to class. Parents of children receiving Teacher’s Choice awards will also be notified by Bill Ferriter via email next week.

Parents are invited to attend our ceremony. Please know, however, that if we run out of seats in the auditorium, we might have to ask you to stand! We’ve got a big team this year, so my guess is that fitting everyone into our assemblies might be tight.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter

Last Chance to Turn In Field Trip Permission Slips and Money

Dear Parents,

All students must turn in their field trip permission slips by Friday.

Any students who don’t turn their slips in by Friday will not be able to go on the field trip.

Also, there are still several families that haven’t paid for the field trip. If you are planning to pay, I would appreciate having that money by Friday as well. I can take it later — but I would like to button up all of the payments to our vendors sooner rather than later.

If you want to double check to see if your child still needs to turn in a permission slip or payment, you can check this document.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Bill Ferriter

36 Students Missing Permission Slips / Last Week to Turn Them In

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up that this is the last week to turn in permission slips for this year’s field trips. I have to turn them in to the main office at the end of the day on Monday.

There are currently 36 kids who haven’t turned in their permission slips. Sadly, there is no way for a student to attend the trip without turning a permission slip in.

I will be sending home another copy of permission slip today. You can also check the missing list here.

Please know that I can take the $20 field trip fee at any time — but the actual permission slip has to be turned in before the end of the day on Monday, September 17th.


Bill Ferriter

LA Update

Happy Friday!

We wanted to send out an update regarding homework and the Myths to Movies Project that we started in language arts class this week. Students were given class time to annotate their myth and start their planning guide (5 questions). All information is located in Google Classroom. The classroom codes are listed below.

Core 1: 2ie4xr

Core 2: 2kxxj2

Core 3: 6hshl7

Core 4: huthqfw


Cores 1 & 2 – complete planning guide and read chapter 15 of The Lightning Thief

Cores 3 & 4 – annotate myth and complete planning guide

Students may use Spartan Time and Team Time on Tuesday if they are unable to complete this work over the weekend.

Thank you for all that you do! Have a wonderful long weekend!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

Nicole Messier

6th Grade CCR Language Arts Teacher

Salem Middle School


Salem Middle PTA Fundraiser has Begun!

Dear Parents,

Each year, the Salem Middle School PTA does a TON of work on behalf of our school. They invest tons of time, energy and dollars into making Salem a better place and into providing learning experiences and opportunities for your kids that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide.

Pulling that work off depends on having access to resources — including cash. And the way that the PTA raises funds around here is through a once a year fundraiser.

That fundraiser started for Tracks 1 and 4 yesterday. It’s a Color Battle this year. And all proceeds raised will go towards purchasing Chromebooks that can be used in our classrooms. Our goal is to get to the point where every student has access to a computer in every class, every day.

The Color Battle works like this: Your students are collecting donations from family and friends. Those donations earn them the right to participate in a fun field-day style event on September 7th. The event is capped off by a “coloring,” where participating students get covered in pink, green, yellow, and blue powder thrown into the air by volunteers and by participants. It really is a lot of fun.

Perhaps the best thing about the fundraiser for parents is that there’s nothing to sell or to deliver to people who are contributing. It is strictly a donation that allows the PTA to raise funds and your kids to participate in a special event.

To get involved, ask your kids for their “Anython Code.” That came home on a glossy handout advertising the fundraiser yesterday.

That code can be used to sign into the Anython Website — where students (and parents!) can send text messages or emails to family members who might be interested in donating to our fundraiser.

If your child has lost their code, please have them come and see me — OR you can send me an email.  I’ve got the master list of codes and I’ll be happy to give it to you again. 

Thanks for considering this.  As usual, it’s difficult for teachers to ask parents for donations — but we live in a time when schools seem to be perpetually underfunded.  Our PTA is working to push back against that problem with their yearly fundraiser.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Bill Ferriter

PTA Fundraiser to Buy Chromebooks for Classrooms!

Dear Parents,

Our Salem Middle School PTA is starting its one and only fundraiser for the entire school year tomorrow. It is a Color Battle — which is a lot like a color run. Participants will play several field day games while being sprayed with colored powder!

Your students have come home with two different handouts in the last two weeks with details about the fundraiser.

Tomorrow they will participate in the Color War Kickoff during Spartan Time.

As a part of that Kickoff, they will have the chance to sign into the fundraising website and to send messages to anyone in your immediate family who may want to participate in the fundraiser. To make this easy, please consider writing out phone numbers for important family members and sending your students in with a list of those numbers. Students can then automatically send a text message to those family members with details about the fundraiser and chances to make donations.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you thought about participating in our fundraiser this year. Here’s why: Our PTA is going to invest anything we make into buying more Chromebooks for Salem Middle School’s classrooms.

It’s that kind of investment that helps us to create more engaging learning spaces for kids.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions,

Bill Ferriter