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LA Update

Hi Gnome Families!

Since PowerSchool is currently under construction, I wasn’t able to update grades this weekend. However, it should be up and running again early next week, and I will post grades as soon as I can.

This past week we completed our novel study of Flush, and the students will take the end-of-unit assessment on Monday.

For this upcoming week, we will be introducing our final unit of the quarter…our research and writing unit. Students will choose a topic and conduct research to identify and define the problem, along with possible solutions to this problem. The final product will be a website created by each student, which will include problem and solution paragraphs and an infographic. This week the students will focus on annotating their research articles and completing their graphic organizers.

Have a wonderful week!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

[language arts]

LA Update

This week we will finish up our Flush novel study. We will review figurative language and discuss the importance of finding evidence to support the perspective and tone of an excerpt. Also, we will review how specific events contribute to the plot development in preparation for our end-of-unit 2 assessment, which is planned for Monday, March 11th.

For homework, there is nightly reading accompanied by the flipbook question. There is also another Quizlet vocabulary set that is due on Monday, March 11th. A quick reading comprehension check is schedule for Monday and Friday this week.

We are looking forward to a great week!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

[language arts]

Social Studies- update

This week in Social Studies the students completed the ancient Rome unit and took the Roman Unit test on Thursday. I should be returning those tests next Monday.

Friday, we began some lessons on the Byzantine Empire which is the link between Europe and the Middle East, physically and culturally. It also acts as a link between the Rome unit and the Growth of Islam unit. Student are working on completing an activity concerning Byzantine geography, art,the Orthodox Church, and Emperor Justinian. The students will be completing this activity next week.

Later next week the students will begin the growth of Islam unit. One of the first topics will be religion Islam, where we will break down the basic beliefs, the Prophet Muhammad, and the Koran. The students will also be completing a TALDOGS map illustrating the growth and spread of Islamic empires.

Have a great weekend!

AMC 8 Answers

AMC 8 math test booklets will soon be returned to our math competition participants. The test booklet will include an individualized letter comparing the correct answer to their personal answers. Students are encouraged to celebrate problems they answered correctly (remembering this is a challenge), review the problems and solutions, and set a goal for growth and participation next year! Math teachers will have a hard copy of the solutions in the classroom and will post the AMC8 solutions on their website. Our school and grade level winners will receive a certificate at our end of year ceremonies. Thank you for encouraging your student to participate!

Cindi Baker, AIG teacher


LA Update

We hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!

For this week, we will continue our novel study of Flush. At the beginning of the week we practice more with Noah’s point of view, then we will transition to focus on how events of each chapter contribute to the plot development.

There will be another quick reading check quiz on Tuesday and our mid-unit assessment is scheduled for Thursday. On Monday we will review the frequently missed questions on our last end-off-unit assessment. Any student who scored less than an 80% is welcome to complete test corrections, which will be due on Friday.

Homework this week will include reading Flush and answering the flipbook question each night. There is also another Quizlet set that is due on Friday. Links to our activities will be posted daily on Google Classroom.

Please reach out with any question.

Thank you.

Chambliss Barrow and Nicole Messier

[language arts]

Social Studies- update

This week in Social Studies the students will be learning about ancient Rome. They will be investigating some famous Romans like Julius Caesar, Spartacus, Augustus, and Constantine. They will be performing an in-class production of Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, which is bound to be entertaining. Then students will be analyzing some Roman forms of entertainment like gladiators, chariots racing, and relaxing at the baths. The students will use the SAS Curriculum Pathways website to examine the amazing construction engineering projects completed by the Romans. Finally, this week we will be studying the religion of Christianity and its basics beliefs, which began during this time period.

Also parents, I am in the process of renewing my National Board Teaching Certification this year, which means that I will need to video tape a couple of lessons in the coming weeks to complete my portfolio. Today the students brought home a Student Release Form, which is a form that allows them to be in the video taped lessons. Please ask your student for the form and complete the parent section on the back and then have it returned back to me. If you have any questions about this please don’t hesitate to ask. I greatly appreciate all of your assistance.

take care,

Dan Sudlow

LA Update

Update for Week 4.

Students will continue to work on their newscast Monday and Tuesday. Class time on Monday is dedicated to script writing and planning out their newscast (i.e. props and background). Tuesday will be a combination of practice time and recording time. We have reserved the green room, so students may choose to use that area for recording. We are encouraging the students to be creative, and we are excited to see what they come up with. The goal of this project is to deliver three of Mark Kurlansky’s claims with solid evidence, in a visually appealing newscast.

Also, on Wednesday we will start our new novel, Flush. Our focus will begin with more work on point of view and a mini-lesson on connotation and denotation.

Due to various reasons, we did not have many days of Spartan Time this past week. Therefore, we extended the test corrections for Mid-Unit 1 to Wednesday, February 20th. We are in the process of grading the End-of-Unit Assessment, and we will post those scores hopefully by midweek. We will also offer test corrections for that assessment.

For homework this week, students will finalize their newscast and start reading Flush. We will plan to have a short reading comprehension check on Friday for chapters 1 -3. There will not be test corrections for this.

Enjoy your weekend!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

[language arts]

Sound Quiz Tuesday

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: Your students will be taking a short sound quiz on Tuesday of next week. It will be fifteen multiple choice questions drawn directly from the notesheet assigned in class yesterday.

We should be finishing up that notesheet today. An answer key will be posted in Google Classroom after we have graded the notes in class.

Please remind your students to study their notesheet in preparation for that quiz.

Thank you,
Bill Ferriter

Classroom Supplies

With half the year still to go, it seems that we are running low on some basics.

Here is a list of some supplies we currently need:

– tissues

– glue sticks

– Clorox wipes

– paper towels

Thank you parents for all your support!

Dan Sudlow, NBCT

6th Grade- Social Studies
Track 4- Gnome Team
Salem Middle School
6150 Old Jenks Road
Apex, NC 27523
Phone – (919) 363-1870

Thank you!

Parents and students,

Thank you so much for all of the well-wishes, yummy homemade treats, gift cards and gifts that we have received these last few days. So generous of you all and much appreciated! What a nice and special way to end the quarter.

As you may remember, I will be out on maternity leave during quarter three. My family and I are very excited about welcoming a new baby girl soon! Please know that I will miss my Gnomes. I have a fantastic maternity sub, Margaret Edwards, who will be working with my co-teacher, Nicole Messier, during my absence. Mrs. Edwards has done other maternity jobs here at Salem, and I hear nothing but glowing reports. They are in good hands. 😊

If questions or concerns arise during my absence, please reach out to one of my teammates. They will be happy to help!

Again, thank you for all of the generosity you have shown over the past week, and I hope that everyone has a wonderful and restful track out.

With love,

Chambliss Barrow