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Need Coolers for Friday May 25th

Dear Parents,

As you may already know, the work that your kids put into the fund raiser has earned them a really fun event: An in-house field trip where they will launch water balloons and have hot dogs, freeze pops and cold drinks.

To pull this off, I’ll need some help. Primarily, I’ll need some parents who are willing to send in a cooler with a bag or two of ice that we can use to keep drinks cold.

If this is something you think you can help with, please fill out the Signup Genius below.

Once I see who has replied, I’ll reach out with more details.


Bill Ferriter

LA Update

The ceremony today was perfect- I love a chance to celebrate our incredible students. So glad that so many family members could join us today!

We are going to be finishing our study of fiction with Frightful’s Mountain on Tuesday. There will be a five question reading quiz on pages 18-24 on Tuesday of next week, and then we will move into poetry. I can’t wait! We will spend the rest of the week in poetry, and there will be a culminating literature assessment the following week which will include fiction and poetry readings.

We will begin using a new reading comprehension progress monitoring tool called Read Theory. Read Theory provides a diagnostic reading assessment when students first sign-up and then gives short reading quizzes on their present level to track their progress. I will assign 2-3 Ready Theory quizzes each Monday and students will have all week to take them on their own time. Quizzes generally take only a 7-10 minutes. Students (and parents) and teachers can track their progress, so this is great practice and insight as we begin to head to the end of the year.

Please let me know if you have

Chambliss Barrow

6-4 Language Arts

Salem Middle School

LA Update

Welcome back! What a wonderful track out that was. I hope everyone got a breather and is ready to plow through quarter four. I can’t believe we are at the end of the year already!

As we move closer to the end of the year, we are going to take a walk through the genres: fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. We will continue the work we started this week with our new novel, Frightful’s Mountain. We will focus on annotating fiction and the impact of setting, conflict, figurative language, point of view, and more!

Next Friday, April 27, we will be having a surprise event on our celebration day. (Parents- ask your students. 😊 ) If you are willing to help, we are asking for bags of individually wrapped candy. Students may bring them in at any time and deliver them to Mrs. Messier’s room, room 2403. Thank you so much for your help with this surprise!

I am looking forward to a wonderful quarter 4, though I will be super-sad to see this group go. Have a wonderful weekend!

Chambliss Barrow

6-4 Language Arts

Salem Middle School

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Self Paced EOG Review

Dear Parents,

The 6th grade math teachers are excited to present you with a SELF-PACED, VIDEO-BASED EOG REVIEW that any child can do at home easily by themselves.

The review is broken down into the thirteen learning units we cover in the 6th grade and provides videos and quizzes for each covered objective. A classroom quiz is available at the end of each unit to check mastery of the objectives.

All the materials and directions are posted on Google Classroom under EOG Review: Brain Pop.

This is a great 10 minute addition to nightly homework or a 30 minute study jam for the weekend. Both will aide greatly with preparations for the EOGs. Students are also welcome to come in during Spartan Time to work on the review.

Please email me with any questions. I’m very excited to see everyone on Thursday!

Kate Kotik

Glue Stick Plea!

Hi Gnomes! I hope everyone has had a wonderful and restful track out!

Mr. Sudlow and I are in need of glue sticks to get us through the fourth quarter. We understand this is not the first time we have asked for glue sticks, so thank you to all of those who have donated in the past. Hopefully this is our last glue stick plea for the year!

If you are able to donate, please bring glue sticks to Mrs. Barrow or Mr. Sudlow. They will be greatly appreciated! 🙂

Parent Survey from PBIS Team

Spartan Families,

The Positive Behavior team at Salem Middle would like to hear from you. We are currently collecting feedback on our PRIDE acronym and looking for ways to improve for next year. Please take a few moments to complete our anonymous survey using this link: PBIS Parent Survey. The survey will remain open until April 27th. Thank you for your time and feedback!

The Salem Middle PBIS Team

Sustainable Inventions

Hello parents!

Thank you to those who chaperoned on the field trip today. The students had an amazing time.

On Friday, the language arts class is wrapping up our unit on Ocean Sustainability with a fun invention competition. Students will reuse recyclable materials to create their own inventions.

In order to make this work, we need your help to bring in recyclable material. Please have students put these items in a trash bag or box with their names labeled on it.

Things to bring in:

– Cardboard Boxes/Shoe boxes

– Plastic Packages

– Corks/Caps

– Water bottles

– Paper Cards

– Newspapers

– Lotion/Shampoo Bottles

– Milk Cartons

– Straws

– Egg Cartons

– Gum Wrappers

– Plastic Bags

Things to NOT bring in:

– Glass products

– Aluminum Cans

Thank you!

Tiffany Shin

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