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Sustainable Inventions

Hello parents!

Thank you to those who chaperoned on the field trip today. The students had an amazing time.

On Friday, the language arts class is wrapping up our unit on Ocean Sustainability with a fun invention competition. Students will reuse recyclable materials to create their own inventions.

In order to make this work, we need your help to bring in recyclable material. Please have students put these items in a trash bag or box with their names labeled on it.

Things to bring in:

– Cardboard Boxes/Shoe boxes

– Plastic Packages

– Corks/Caps

– Water bottles

– Paper Cards

– Newspapers

– Lotion/Shampoo Bottles

– Milk Cartons

– Straws

– Egg Cartons

– Gum Wrappers

– Plastic Bags

Things to NOT bring in:

– Glass products

– Aluminum Cans

Thank you!

Tiffany Shin

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Field Trip Weather Update

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: Right now, the weather for our field trip looks terrible! 90 percent chance of rain with lightning and cold throughout the time that we are supposed to be at Bond Park.

We are going to double check on Monday to see what the forecast looks like.

If it’s just as terrible, we MAY decide to cancel our field trip and reschedule for the fourth quarter. That is an absolute last resort because we’ve already booked shelters and all y’all have made arrangements to take time off to chaperone with us.

But it is a possibility — I just can’t imagine taking the kids outside in rain, lightning and 55 degree weather!

I will make a post here on our team website to let you know what we decide.

Hope that makes sense to you — and if you have any anti-rain dances up your sleeve, start dancing!

Be well,

Bill Ferriter

Using Flipgrid on our Field Trip.

Dear Parents,

One of the things that will make our upcoming field trip fun is if we can capture silly videos and pictures that the students take during the course of the day. To do that, of course, they’ll need a phone to take videos and pictures on!

To facilitate that work, I’ll also be putting up a Flipgrid — which is a simple tool that we use at school a lot to capture videos. If your child has a phone with a data plan that you will allow them to bring on our field trip, I’d love it if you’d also allow them to put the Flipgrid app on their phones.

You can find links to the Flipgrid apps on this page.

None of this is required at all

Final Field Trip Reminders!

Dear Parents,

We are just about one week away from our Bond Park Scavenger Hunt Field Trip — which happens on Tuesday, March 20th.

Here are a few important reminders:

(1). We will be going on our trip rain or shine

Mid Year Benchmark Score Added to Powerschools

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: This morning, I added midyear benchmark scores to Powerschools for MOST of our students. I still have a handful of paper versions that need to be graded — so if you see a blank for your child, that means they either took a paper copy that needs to be graded OR they were absent on the day of testing and need to make the assessment up.

While this grade DOESN’T count against your child’s average

Rolls of Paper Towels Needed

Dear Parents,

We could REALLY use some rolls of paper towels to help keep our classrooms clean.

If you have one laying around the house and you are willing to send it in, I’d REALLY appreciate it!


Bill Ferriter

Out for Surgery

Good morning, Gnomes!

I am writing to let everyone know that I will be out for the next few weeks recovering from hip surgery. I am scheduled to have hip surgery tomorrow, and with three weeks of recovery time, I will be returning to school Monday, March 6.

I am leaving everyone in good hands! My student teacher, Tiffany Shin, will be leading much of the class along with my co-teacher, Nicole Messier. In addition, there will be a full-time sub in my room, Mrs. Margaret Edwards, who is a former teacher and has done other long-term sub jobs here at Salem and around Wake County. Along with the other Gnomes’ teachers, I feel confident that the kids will not miss a beat.

Please send questions and concerns about language arts to Ms. Shin ( or Mrs. Messier (

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to being back good as new in just a few weeks!

My best,

Chambliss Barrow

6-4 Language Arts

Salem Middle School

Math Benchmark next week

Dear parents,

Good evening! It was so nice to see everyone at the Awards Ceremony this morning : ). Thank you for coming out!

All 6-4 students will be taking the 6th grade math benchmark next week.

Math 6 and Math 6Plus students will complete the benchmark in class on Thursday 2/8. Compacted math students and 7Plus students will complete the benchmark during Spartan Time on Wednesday and Thursday.

What material does it cover?
Topics from the first semester: decimal and fraction operations, exponents, order of operations, factors and multiples (GCF/LCM), integers, coordinate plane, algebraic properties, algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Will this affect my grade?
I will record the scores in PowerSchool, but the scores will not count towards the students’ averages. Scores will reported in the EOG format (1-5).

Suggestions for studying?
I recommend browsing through the GoogleClassroom and watching videos on topics that seem fuzzy.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns! Wishing everyone a restful weekend.

Kate Kotik

Social Studies- Update

Our goal this week was to dust off the school books and get back to our study of Greece. We began the week by reviewing the Greek city- states and identified the some features like an acropolis and agora. We examined the history of the battle of Marathon and the story behind the modern day marathon race. If you are curious as to why it is 26.2 miles, ask your student. It’s probably not the answer you were expecting. On Friday the students explored the background and accomplishments of Alexander the Great analyzed how he was able to build an empire on two continents.

Currently your student is working on a Greek Pottery Project. They were assigned to draw an illustration on an outline of a Greek pot. The students are then going to write a few paragraphs about the topic they illustrated. The assignment and template for the paragraphs is on Google Classroom. This will be due on Friday 2/2. There will also be a Greek Unit test on Thursday of next week. Students will be receiving a study on Monday and a Quizlet of vocabulary terms will be posted on the Google Classroom as well.

ps- any Glue Stick donations would be greatly appreciated 😊

Have a great weekend!