Science Update

Dear Parents,

I apologize for not getting a science update posted in the last two weeks. I’ve been slammed with both our last field trip, our third quarter honors assembly and some planning that I am doing for next school year. It’s all kept me pretty busy.

Here’s what is happening in class:

Finishing Ecosystems Unit: We will finish our ecosystems unit in class this week. We spent the past two weeks looking at things like transpiration (the way that plants move water from their roots to their leaves), the cycles (water, carbon and nitrogen), and food chains/energy pyramids. We will not take a test for this unit simply because I am trying to get us through our last unit on Space in time for our end of grade exams. Cutting the test will save some time because I won’t need to give the students significant preparation time in class.

Beginning Space Unit: Our last unit of the year covers Space. You can see our essential outcomes here. We learn about things like the phases of the moon, the reason for our seasons, and the causes of the tides. We also look at the history of space exploration and we discuss what makes planets habitable/uninhabitable. The kids generally enjoy the space unit because they are amazed by the size of outer space.

Studying for EOGs: As I’ve mentioned to you before, studying for the science EOGs really is important. The sixth grade exam covers a bunch of random facts from the entire school year — which makes it more about remembering than anything. The best way to review those facts before the EOG is to use Brainpop. I will be giving your kids time to study in class for sure, but it is also important that they do some studying at home too. There is a Brainpop EOG review sheet posted in Google Classroom.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter