Social Studies- Update

We are currently studying ancient African kingdoms and one of the main cultural similarities for west African people was the tradition of storytelling to pass along traditions, history, and culture to younger generations. The person in each village who was the storyteller was called a Griot and held a very important and honored roll. Students are assigned to interview a family member that they would consider a Griot- StoryTeller (mother, father, aunt, grandmother, grandfather, etc.) The students should ask them to tell a family story; one where a lesson is learned, or tells family history, or one about a family tradition.

The due date for this assignment is Monday and they should be working on it over the weekend. This is one of my favorite assignments throughout the year; I love reading the stories that are shared but I also love knowing that the children are learning about their own families as well. My main rule is that the that takes place before they were born, it should not be about them. Examples of stories from previous years have been funny situations that parents and grandparents had during their childhood, or how grandparents began dating, military service, immigration stories, and even stories of family ancestry .

The assignment is posted on the Google classroom. Students should type and then submit them back on the Google Classroom.

Griot Story

Have a great weekend!