LA Update

Happy Friday!

We wanted to let everyone know where we are going this upcoming week. We will continue working on Mark Kurlanky’s point of view supported by evidence. Our first major assessment will be Wednesday. This end-of-unit assessment will be a test grade and wrap up unit 1 for us. Our next project will be developing newsworthy newscasts based on topics from World Without Fish. Students will have an opportunity to work in groups to create a newscast sharing several main points the author conveys in his text.

We will also be working on corrections for the mid-unit 1 quiz during Spartan Time this week. All corrections for this quiz are due Friday, Feb. 15.

In regards to homework this week, Quizlet set 2 is due on Monday, FISHO questions will be graded and checked on Wednesday, and students will be expected to work on their newscast responsibilities.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier