LA Update

We had a wonderful first week back from track out! It was fun to see all your kiddos and hear about their fun adventures over break. As you know, Mrs. Barrow is home enjoying time with her new, beautiful baby girl, Charlotte…both are happy and healthy!

Although Mrs. Barrow and I only co-teach during cores 3 and 4, please feel free to send me any questions/concerns, regardless of which core your child has language arts. While Mrs. Barrow is out, I will be assisting Mrs. Edwards, the long-term substitute.

Academically—it was just our first week back, but we really hit the ground running with our new book World Without Fish. The topic for Quarter 3 is "Sustaining the Oceans". Throughout the quarter students will consider point of view as they learn about ocean conservations and the impact of human activities on life in the oceans.

In regards to homework this week, students will continue working on their FISHO questions for each chapter we read in World Without Fish. Students have been asked to join our Quizlet class so they have an opportunity to review some of the academic vocabulary included in the book. They will earn homework credit for completing any two activities.We will also have our first minor assessment on Wednesday.

All homework, links to classwork and audiobooks will be posted on Google Classroom.

Have a great week!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier