Social Studies – update

What a great first week back! I was so impressed with our team’s ability to come back and get right back into the rhythm of school.!

In Social Studies the students picked up on the ancient Greece unit. This week the students compared the city- states of Athens and Sparta and we analyzed what it means to be Salem Spartans? We learned some "interesting" ideas of what a real Spartan believed and how they acted. We also examined how the Athenian democracy actually worked and in what ways was it similar and/or different to ours. Also for all those marathon runners out there, we investigated why the race is 26.2 miles in length. Hint, it’s not all because of the Greeks. You’ll have to ask your kid.

Next week we will learn about Alexander the Great and his amazing empire building as well as some overall Greek achievements. Students will also be working in class on a project creating and writing about Greek Pottery. There will be an ancient Greece Unit test on Friday and we will be reviewing in class on Wednesday and Thursday. A Quizlet for vocabulary will also be posted in Google Classroom.

Have a great Super Bowl weekend!