LA Update

After reading many adversity poems these last few weeks, students are going to have a chance to write their own! These will be narrative poems, poems that have a plot and therefore tell a complete story. An explanation of the assignment and the brainstorming page can be found in Google Classroom.

Monday’s class will be centered on brainstorming and planning the poem. Drafting will take place during class on Tuesday, and Wednesday will be revising and editing. Any step not completed during class that day will need to be finished for homework that night. It will be important for students to stay with the pace of the assignment, as this will be the last major grade on Quarter 2.

We will have our poetry cafe on Thursday and Friday! Students will share their poems with the class as we enjoy cookies and hot chocolate- thank you all for your generous contributions to the cafe!

Please have students see us during Spartan Time if they fall behind or need extra help.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier