Science Update

Dear Parents,

Here’s what’s happening in science:

(1). We are studying light: We have continued our energy unit by studying the way that light and color work. We are talking about concepts like transmission, reflection and absorption. We are also talking about transparent, translucent and opaque materials. We will move into a study of refraction — the bending of light as it moves through a new medium — and the parts of the eye. With luck, we will be done with light before we track out next Friday.

(2). A word on retests: There have been a ton of kids lately who have struggled with the last two assessments that I’ve given. The good news is that all have asked for reworks. The bad news is most haven’t done any of the required prep work — things like study guides and notes — before the test. That is one of the reasons that their scores are low. So the new rule in my room is that retests will only be offered for students who have all the prework completed before the test. My hope is that there will be fewer kids who struggle the first time if every student completes their work before test day.

(3). Retest for heat transfer: On a related note, if your child earned a grade that they are not proud of on the recent heat transfer quiz AND they have a completed (and corrected) set of conduction, convection and radiation notes, they can see me for retest directions. The notes can be found in Google Classroom under "Classwork" and the answer key is posted on the board in my room.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter