Keep an Eye on Pride Guides

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: Behavior on the Gnomes Team has been below average for a few weeks now.

We’ve seen lots of kids not paying attention in class and being easily distracted by their friends. We’ve also seen lots of bickering with each other and trouble with keeping hands to ourselves. We’ve also seen lots of disruptive behavior — mostly in the form of shouting out during class or doing "Fortnight Dances" during lessons.

While none of this behavior is particularly terrible, it has become a pretty big challenge to keep class heading in the right direction because of the volume of "small things" happening at any given time. These behaviors are also coming from well over half of our students — so there’s no easy or quick solution.

Here’s what we are going to try: We are going to start signing Pride Guides a lot more frequently over the next several days.

Those are the yellow behavior trackers in the back of your child’s agenda.

If your child receives three signatures, we will contact you directly to discuss the behavior that we are seeing.

Here’s how you can help: Keep an eye on those Pride Guides over the next week — and if you see a signature on your child’s, squeeze ’em a bit.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter