Get Your Kid a Chromebook for Christmas?

Dear Parents,

With the holiday season right around the corner — and Black Friday sales about the explode your internet stream — I wanted to remind you that the single most useful device for a student is a Chromebook, simple computers that are designed to get kids connected to (1). the Internet and (2). their Google Accounts.

What makes Chromebooks so perfect for students in our school is that they are using their Google Accounts almost every single day — and that’s a pattern that will continue through seventh and eighth grade.

They are also small, easy to carry, durable, and relatively affordable. You can usually find a solid Chromebook for under $200 when they are on sale — and if you are willing to look at refurbished Chromebooks or used Chromebooks, you can usually find them for between $100 and $150. In fact, Amazon is selling a refurbished touch screen Chromebook by Acer for $125 today.

If you are interested in making that investment, this information sheet may be of use to you.

And if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I own dozens of Chromebooks that your kids use in my classroom, so I’ve got some pretty strong experience with them.

Be well,
Bill Ferriter