Low Matter Quiz Scores

Dear Parents,

As a quick heads up: I gave a 15 question matter quiz in class today that the students have known about for over a week.

There were LOTS of very low scores. That surprised me, given that students had every minute of last week’s classes to work on study guides and use practice tests.

When I asked to see study guides today, though, what I found was that most of the students with low scores hadn’t completed their study guides at all and hadn’t used the practice study games available in Google Classroom.

That explains the low scores — many students didn’t do much studying.

So here’s what’s next: If your child scored less than an 80, they can rework their score. Retests will be on Tuesday of next week.

In order to be eligible for a retest, students must:

(1). Complete their study guides — which are posted in Google Classroom.

(2). Take a practice test in Socrative at least one time — this will go live tomorrow afternoon.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter