LA Update

Good afternoon! Just an update to touch base and let you know where we are and where we are headed in language arts class.

We introduced our end of unit project on Friday and began the research portion for it on Monday. Students are creating a visual essay answering the following research topic: What are the adversities faced by your chosen group of people? Students could choose one of three topics– Girls Education, Immigration or the Plight of the Rohingya People.

By tomorrow, Thursday, all students should have wrapped up their research and be ready to begin the graphic organizer. Each student is required to use at least two articles for research and they should be taking notes in the researcher’s notebook. All of the project’s materials (including an overview page, the research articles, an example, rubric, etc.) can be found in the hyperdoc in Google Classroom.

Our plan is to work on the graphic organizer Thursday and Friday of this week and begin our rough draft next week.

Thank you for all of your support at home!

Our best,

Chambliss Barrow and Nicole Messier