Social Studies- update

This week in Social Studies the students made tremendous progress in our South Asia unit. The students began the week with an archaeology activity that required them to make conclusions about Indus River civilizations and their way of life, by analyzing photographs of their artifacts.

Then the students examined the makeup of the Indian Caste System and the impacts that it had on people’s roles in society. Students wrote a short journal entry explaining what life would be like as someone from a certain caste. We also focused on the basic beliefs of Hinduism and its customs and traditions.

Friday students examined India’s amazing accomplishments in the areas of math, science, and architecture. They created timelines of some of the major groups and empires that ruled South Asia. We evaluated the idea of Cultural Diffusion, or the influence of culture from one group to another and how South Asia is a great example of this occurring

Next week the students will be reading an excerpt of one of the more famous stories of ancient India, the Ramayana. Then we will explain the origins of Buddhism; from its foundation and beliefs, to the spread of this religion throughout Asia. There will be a Unit Test on Friday next week. Students will begin working on the review on Tuesday. There will also a Quizlet made for vocabulary.

Have a great weekend!