Drawstring Bag for Carrying Lunch on Field Trip

Dear Parents,

As you know, we will be heading to the North Carolina Museum of Science on Wednesday, November 7th for our first field trip of the year.

All children should plan to bring a bag lunch for that day. We will not be returning to school in time for students to purchase a lunch from the cafeteria.

If your child needs the cafeteria to prepare a bag lunch to bring along on the trip, they should see Ms. Barrow. She can place orders for one.

Finally, if your child has a drawstring style bag (like this) that they can bring along on the field trip to carry their lunch, it would be TERRIFIC.

We are not going to store lunches for students on the buses or in the museum. Carrying lunches in a drawstring bag will be WAY easier than lugging them through the entire museum.

Let me know if you have any questions,
Bill Ferriter

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