Checking Grades Through PowerSchools

Dear Parents,

I’ve had several questions from parents about grades over the last few days.

Please know that in Middle School, the best way to keep up with your child’s grades is to sign into PowerSchools. You can get a parent account by following the directions posted online here:

Your children also have their own PowerSchool accounts — so you can ask them to sign in at any time and show you their marks. We do that several times per quarter in science class — including three times in the last two weeks.

Your child’s username will be their "lunch number." Your child’s password is unique and challenging — it has upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers — but it is also stapled in their agendas on their username and password pages.

If your child can’t find their PowerSchool login information, they can see me here at school and I will help them get logged in again.

Hope this helps,
Bill Ferriter