LA Update

I cannot believe we are down to one week!

My Own Hero’s Journey papers are coming in, and we cannot wait to read the creative stories our students have written. Cores 1 & 2 should have turned their papers in by Friday night, and Cores 3&4 will finish up the editing process at the beginning of the week. Everyone on team should have papers in by Tuesday evening. Our plan is to grade them and return them ASAP so that all students have a chance to reflect and revise before we leave for track out. We appreciate all the hard work the students have put into their work!

We will spend part of this week tying up loose ends and doing some creative work. You can see our calendar for schedule. We have an author (and parent of a current student!), Heather McCollum, coming to talk to students on Wednesday. We are incredibly excited to hear her author story- and it’s perfect timing as the students have just wrapped up fiction writing!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Chambliss Barrow and Nicole Messier