LA Work for Thursday and Friday

No school in the middle of a writing project! Fun!

**Please complete the work below if able. Obviously, if weather is bad, power is out, you are evacuating, etc., I will completely understand. But, the more we can stay on schedule, the better. So, be safe, and if you can accomplish come classwork, great!

Okay- Cores 1&2: Please make sure you are working on the rough draft for your own hero’s journey. Ideally, the rough draft will be complete in Google Classroom. Feel free to share with a buddy and begin getting feedback. We will talk more about dialogue when we return and begin the revising process.

Cores 3&4: Please complete the yellow hero’s journey cards on page 26 of your ILL that we started in class today. If you finish those and feel confident in your story, please fill in that information on this graphic organizer. If you need a little more specifics, this organizer may be more helpful. You will need to print this or make your own copy to be able to type on the organizer. We will review this Monday if there are questions. Basically, you are re-telling the story that is on your cards in a more organized fashion on the one page to prepare for drafting.

First and foremost, stay safe!

Mrs. Barrow and Mrs. Messier