Parent Consent Form Coming Home Today – Edpuzzle

Dear Parents,

A REALLY important form is coming home today.

It is a form asking for permission for your child to use an Ed Tech tool called Edpuzzle while they are in my class.

Edpuzzle is a tool that allows me to create reteaching videos that look like this one.

I use Edpuzzle to give kids chances to review content that we are studying in class AND to raise grades that are low.

Because your students are under 13 years of age, though, you have to give permission for them to use the tool. If you don’t want your child using Edpuzzle, they will still have chances to raise their scores — but those chances will probably be textbook based. Edpuzzle tends to be more interesting to students.

Please be on the lookout for the form! You can also find it posted online here.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter