Salem Middle PTA Fundraiser has Begun!

Dear Parents,

Each year, the Salem Middle School PTA does a TON of work on behalf of our school. They invest tons of time, energy and dollars into making Salem a better place and into providing learning experiences and opportunities for your kids that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide.

Pulling that work off depends on having access to resources — including cash. And the way that the PTA raises funds around here is through a once a year fundraiser.

That fundraiser started for Tracks 1 and 4 yesterday. It’s a Color Battle this year. And all proceeds raised will go towards purchasing Chromebooks that can be used in our classrooms. Our goal is to get to the point where every student has access to a computer in every class, every day.

The Color Battle works like this: Your students are collecting donations from family and friends. Those donations earn them the right to participate in a fun field-day style event on September 7th. The event is capped off by a “coloring,” where participating students get covered in pink, green, yellow, and blue powder thrown into the air by volunteers and by participants. It really is a lot of fun.

Perhaps the best thing about the fundraiser for parents is that there’s nothing to sell or to deliver to people who are contributing. It is strictly a donation that allows the PTA to raise funds and your kids to participate in a special event.

To get involved, ask your kids for their “Anython Code.” That came home on a glossy handout advertising the fundraiser yesterday.

That code can be used to sign into the Anython Website — where students (and parents!) can send text messages or emails to family members who might be interested in donating to our fundraiser.

If your child has lost their code, please have them come and see me — OR you can send me an email.  I’ve got the master list of codes and I’ll be happy to give it to you again. 

Thanks for considering this.  As usual, it’s difficult for teachers to ask parents for donations — but we live in a time when schools seem to be perpetually underfunded.  Our PTA is working to push back against that problem with their yearly fundraiser.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Bill Ferriter