PTA Fundraiser to Buy Chromebooks for Classrooms!

Dear Parents,

Our Salem Middle School PTA is starting its one and only fundraiser for the entire school year tomorrow. It is a Color Battle — which is a lot like a color run. Participants will play several field day games while being sprayed with colored powder!

Your students have come home with two different handouts in the last two weeks with details about the fundraiser.

Tomorrow they will participate in the Color War Kickoff during Spartan Time.

As a part of that Kickoff, they will have the chance to sign into the fundraising website and to send messages to anyone in your immediate family who may want to participate in the fundraiser. To make this easy, please consider writing out phone numbers for important family members and sending your students in with a list of those numbers. Students can then automatically send a text message to those family members with details about the fundraiser and chances to make donations.

I would REALLY appreciate it if you thought about participating in our fundraiser this year. Here’s why: Our PTA is going to invest anything we make into buying more Chromebooks for Salem Middle School’s classrooms.

It’s that kind of investment that helps us to create more engaging learning spaces for kids.

Feel free to email me if you have any questions,

Bill Ferriter