Flipgrid Assignment

Students who were not ready or able to record their Flipgrids today during class may choose to record it tonight at home or can use Spartan Time or Team Time to record this week.

Below are instructions that can also be found on page 16 of the ILL. If Flipgrid asks for a code, use the last few digits of the Flipgrid link (8a8t5p).

Have a great night!

Chambliss Barrow & Nicole Messier

Percy Jackson is a hero.—-Now Prove it!

Videos must be posted by tonight at 9 p.m.

In a flipgrid video, answer the reflection question below. State your First and Last Name and Class Period before saying your response.

Percy Jackson is a character in The Lightning Thief who follows “The Hero’s Journey”. Use evidence from one of your favorite parts of the book and explain how Percy is demonstrating a stage from “The Hero’s Journey”


  1. Go to the link https://flipgrid.com/8a8t5p (you can use your phone, computer, ipad, any device with a camera).

    flipgridcard-student.jpg 8a8t5p
    This grid is password protected.
  2. Read the video directions on the Flipgrid website

  3. Click on the "+" sign and Record your video

  4. Feel free to retake your video many times if needed

  5. Enter info when finished