Social Studies- Update

This week in Social Studies the students have been engaged in lessons about the 5 Themes of Geography. Currently they are researching an assigned country and recording facts related to the Geography Themes. They are working in collaborative groups and choosing what items should be packed in a suitcase if someone were to be traveling to this country. The activity also requires them to display the items and the rational for each on a construction paper suitcase. This is a definitely a challenging activity with research skills combined with creative and abstract ideas, but your kids are doing great!. I’ve really been impressed with them this week, and I’m excited to see with they come up with in the next couple of days.

Monday there is test on the Geography Unit. We’ve been reviewing in class and the students have a review activity to bring home over the weekend. I’ve also linked a Quizlet Flashcard activity to the Google Classroom with the unit’s vocabulary words for the students to practice with over the weekend as well.

Next week the students will complete work on the suitcase activity. Then we will take a couple of days to practice with using timelines, to learn the difference between BCE, CE, BC, AD. This will be important because many of our units this year will be from the BCE time period.

Have a great weekend!