LA Update

Happy Friday!

Students should be moving their way through The Lightning Thief! We reviewed chapter 6 today, and there was a short reading check (quiz) on chapters 5 & 6. Chapter 7 is assigned to be read over the weekend.

In addition, (and we hate giving weekend homework) but we asked students to finished writing their script for the Flipgrid assignment on Monday. This was started in class, but we ran out of time and many did not finish. The assignment should be one paragraph, explaining how Percy Jackson is following "The Hero’s Journey" stages. There should be quotations from both The Lightning Thief and "The Hero’s Journey," and an explanation of how these two align. They started the planning on page 15 of the ILL.

There will be a seminar next week! These are a fun way for students to share their ideas and finding as a whole class, so we are really excited. We will spend class time preparing material to discuss, and this will be posted in Classroom for anyone who wants to complete it digitally. We will also continue to move through The Lightning Thief, reading nearly a chapter a night. Please remember there is a free audio version of the book on our Classroom if students are having a hard time keeping up with the pace. Perhaps listening while they read will be helpful.

Thank you for all of your support, and please reach out with any concerns.

Our best,

Chambliss Barrow and Nicole Messier