LA Update

Happy Monday!

We are gearing up big-time this week! We began learning about The Hero’s Journey last week and will finish that up over the next couple days. Learning about The Hero’s Journey and seeing how these stages apply to many well-known heroes will set us up nicely to begin our first novel, The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan. While many students may have read The Lightning Thief or seen the movie, we will take a deeper look at the characters, learn background mythology and study it through a new lense, the lense of The Hero’s Journey.

We will do our best to begin reading each chapter together in class, but it will be very important that students keep up with their reading outside of class as well. You can see the reading schedule on our Gnomes team calendar ( Students will also receive a bookmark with the outlined schedule.

Students will be checking out a school copy of The Lightning Thief on Tuesday of this week. Any misplaced or damaged books will need to be replaced. The book is currently $5.08 on

As previously mentioned, you can see this week’s schedule and homework on our team website ( under team calendar. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

Also, I look forward to seeing many of you Thursday night at Open House! Have a great week!

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