Social Studies- Update

We have officially completed a whole week of middle school! I’m sure that for some of your kiddos the first couple of days were a bit nerve-wracking and stressful, but today they all looked very comfortable and settled in this new adventure!

Our first topic for Social Studies this week was maps. The students learned about different types of maps and the basic elements of a map. The acronym for the map elements is, TALDOGS. Today they took their first quiz on types of maps and map elements.

The students also received an assignment to make a map of a room from their house. Students should be working on that over the weekend, it is due on Monday.

Next week, we will take a day or two to practice latitude and longitude while playing the game battleship. We will also be learning the continents and oceans on a world map. There will be a short world map quiz next week as well.

Have a great weekend!