Thank You for Sharing Your Kids With Us!

Dear Parents,

I just wanted you to know that today was a beautiful day here at school.

I loved watching all of your kids get recognized for different accomplishments this year — whether that was for their character or for making the Honor Roll or for being an accomplished speller or geographer or band student. Their smiles and pride and joy — for themselves and for one another — left me with a warm heart.

What was even more amazing was our Team Talent Show. Your children have SUCH an incredible range of talent and courage — singing or playing or dancing or telling jokes in front of their peers is a HUGE risk for middle schoolers. I was also super proud of the kids in our audience — who showed respect for every act, who were genuinely impressed by their peers, and who gave huge rounds of applause for every performer.

Don’t get me wrong: I wasn’t surprised. I’m never surprised by your kids.

They are truly remarkable in every way — and that comes from a guy who is stingy with complements!

But I was overjoyed. And fulfilled. And proud of who they are.

Thank you for sharing such an amazing group with us. They are a reflection of your efforts as parents and I’m incredibly grateful.


Bill Ferriter