A Word on Science EOG Scores

Dear Parents,

Just wanted to drop you a quick reminder about the Science EOG scores that your child will get back at some point next week: The Science EOG test is REALLY hard — and that is because it is a collection of 40 multiple choice questions that review random facts from the entire school year. It’s difficult for anyone to prepare for a test that includes isolated facts learned over a full school year. Doing that as a twelve year old is even harder.

For perspective, the statewide average on the exam is usually right around a 66. The county average on the test is right around a 68. The school’s average on the test is right around a 73. Last year, the Gnomes average on the test was a 78.

So what I tell the students is if they make between a 68 and a 78, they performed at an average level on the test. That always feels weird to them because most students aren’t comfortable with making scores so low. Also, those are lower marks than they generally make on classroom tests and assignments. The difference, I remind them, is that our classroom assignments don’t force them to remember content from an entire school year.

And anything above a 78 is "above average." So students who come home with grades between 80-85 might see that as a disappointment, but in actuality, that’s a great mark for this test.

Anyway — I just wanted to help you put the marks that you will see into perspective. It really is a difficult test and sometimes students are discouraged because they earn grades lower than they are used to seeing.

Let me know if you have any questions,

Bill Ferriter