Are there any Seedfolks books out there?

This past week involved lots of helpful preparation for the upcoming EOGs! We did lots of review, talked about strategies, and I assured them that all I expected was that they try their best. No unnecessary pressure- just give it your best effort. I am proud of all of the hard work we have put into language arts this year, and look forward to wrapping up the year well!

Speaking of wrapping up the year, I’m hoping that some students still have their copy of Seedfolks, by Paul Fleischman. This was a small novel that was on their supply list at the beginning of the year. We typically read this at the beginning of the school year, but with the curriculum change, we were unable to do that this year. I’m hoping to read it with the students the last couple of weeks of school- it’s my favorite!

If you still have your copy lying around, please bring it to my room at the beginning of the week. I appreciate it!

Have a great weekend!

Chambliss Barrow

6-4 Language Arts

Salem Middle School