Reminder: Science EOG is ONE WEEK AWAY!

Dear Parents,

Just wanted to drop you a quick reminder that the science end of grade exam is exactly one week from today. That means it’s time for your kids to buckle down and study a bit if they haven’t been doing so.

Here’s why that matters: The Science EOG is, in many ways, the hardest EOG test. That’s because it isn’t really a thinking test. It’s a remembering test. Your kids will have to answer 35 fact-driven questions that cover an entire year’s worth of curriculum.

The best way to prepare for the test is to review as much content as possible. There are LOTS of different ways that your kids can study. Here’s what we’ve been using in class:

(1). Quizlets — posted in Google Classroom. Cover all of the vocabulary from the entire year. Worth studying because understanding the vocabulary in individual questions is often the key to getting the questions right.

(2). Quizizz — posted in Google Classroom. Includes 128 questions that are similar to the kinds of questions asked on EOG exams. More complex than Quizlets simply because it requires students to understand and apply the vocabulary that they are learning.

(3). Vocabulary "Secret Message" Packets