Social Studies- update

This week in Social Studies the focus has been on the Middle Ages. There was a quiz on Tuesday covering some of the important vocabulary and people that we’ve covered so far. The project for the middle ages is a portfolio of work, and the students have been completing portions of it each day. So far they’ve mapped out the Battle of Hastings, turned a Gingerbread figure into aperson from Feudal times, given King John of England a report card, and now they are researching the effects of the Black Death. Over the weekend the students will be completing a Coat of Arms coloring and description which is due on Monday.

Next week the students will complete their investigation of the Middle Ages with a Newspaper Cover on the Crusades and then an overall evaluation of their impression from this period. During the last part of next week, students should begin entering a new time of learning and rediscovery into the arts and sciences; the Renaissance!