Science Update

Dear Parents,

Here’s what’s happening in Science right now:

We are finishing our ecosystems unit: On Monday, we will take our unit test. I think your kids will crush it. It’s a unit that resonates with them and that they have a bunch of previous experience with.

We are starting our lithosphere unit: On Tuesday, we will start studying the lithosphere. That unit covers the layers of the earth and the impact that the movement of the earth’s crustal plates have on the surface of the planet. We will be looking at things like types of rocks, soil formation, and the reasons behind earthquakes and volcanoes.

End of Grade Science Review Sheet Handed out Monday or Tuesday: Perhaps the most important thing happening in the immediate future is your students will get a Brainpop Review Sheet for the Science End of Grade Exam. It includes a list of videos in Brainpop — a service that all students have access to — that is sorted by our units of study.

I HIGHLY encourage students to work through the review sheet in the next month before our end of grade exams begin. The science EOG is by far the most challenging for kids because it has 35 questions covering isolated facts from the entire curriculum. It is difficult for kids to remember those facts without doing review — and Brainpop is the easiest, most direct way to prepare.

Let me know if you have any questions — and thank you for your kids. I really enjoy them!

Bill Ferriter