A Big Fundraiser Thank You!

Dear Parents,

Now that I’ve had the time to dig MOST of the colored powder out of my nose and ears, I wanted to send you a personal thank you for all that you did to help support our PTA’s color battle fundraiser!

The final total raised by the Gnomes students was $5,865.

That’s an absolutely stunning number. My thoughts all along was that we would raise around $1,000. To see your kids crush that number was incredible.

All of the proceeds from the fund raiser go straight to the PTA — who uses it to invest in our school. One tangible example of how your kids will benefit: As seventh graders, they will have a Poet in Residence named Mr. Shabazz who will coach them in poetry during their seventh grade year. It is an experience that has been a part of the Salem Middle School experience for almost 15 years — and it is an experience we wouldn’t be able to provide if it weren’t for your support of the PTA.

Many thanks also to the sea of 6-4 parents that I saw helping with color battle last Thursday! It was a great time for our kids that also wouldn’t be possible without your willingness to volunteer.

With gratitude,

Bill Ferriter