LA Update

The ceremony today was perfect- I love a chance to celebrate our incredible students. So glad that so many family members could join us today!

We are going to be finishing our study of fiction with Frightful’s Mountain on Tuesday. There will be a five question reading quiz on pages 18-24 on Tuesday of next week, and then we will move into poetry. I can’t wait! We will spend the rest of the week in poetry, and there will be a culminating literature assessment the following week which will include fiction and poetry readings.

We will begin using a new reading comprehension progress monitoring tool called Read Theory. Read Theory provides a diagnostic reading assessment when students first sign-up and then gives short reading quizzes on their present level to track their progress. I will assign 2-3 Ready Theory quizzes each Monday and students will have all week to take them on their own time. Quizzes generally take only a 7-10 minutes. Students (and parents) and teachers can track their progress, so this is great practice and insight as we begin to head to the end of the year.

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Chambliss Barrow

6-4 Language Arts

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