Sustainable Inventions

Hello parents!

Thank you to those who chaperoned on the field trip today. The students had an amazing time.

On Friday, the language arts class is wrapping up our unit on Ocean Sustainability with a fun invention competition. Students will reuse recyclable materials to create their own inventions.

In order to make this work, we need your help to bring in recyclable material. Please have students put these items in a trash bag or box with their names labeled on it.

Things to bring in:

– Cardboard Boxes/Shoe boxes

– Plastic Packages

– Corks/Caps

– Water bottles

– Paper Cards

– Newspapers

– Lotion/Shampoo Bottles

– Milk Cartons

– Straws

– Egg Cartons

– Gum Wrappers

– Plastic Bags

Things to NOT bring in:

– Glass products

– Aluminum Cans

Thank you!

Tiffany Shin

[Language Arts Category]