Field Trip Weather Update

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: Right now, the weather for our field trip looks terrible! 90 percent chance of rain with lightning and cold throughout the time that we are supposed to be at Bond Park.

We are going to double check on Monday to see what the forecast looks like.

If it’s just as terrible, we MAY decide to cancel our field trip and reschedule for the fourth quarter. That is an absolute last resort because we’ve already booked shelters and all y’all have made arrangements to take time off to chaperone with us.

But it is a possibility — I just can’t imagine taking the kids outside in rain, lightning and 55 degree weather!

I will make a post here on our team website to let you know what we decide.

Hope that makes sense to you — and if you have any anti-rain dances up your sleeve, start dancing!

Be well,

Bill Ferriter