Science Tests Monday AND Tuesday

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up to let you know that there are TWO tests in science next week. One is on Monday and one is on Tuesday.

On Monday, students will be taking their energy unit test. This covers light, sound, heat and parts of a wave. It will count as a summative grade in students’ averages. That makes it an important assessment.

Students can study by using the Energy Quizizz posted in Google Classroom. The questions in the Quizizz closely parallel the questions on the assessment. What I recommend is that students take the Quizizz several times to identify concepts that they are struggling with. Then, they can use the notesheets they’ve created in Google Classroom to review the core concepts of the unit. Finally, they can use Brainpop videos for quick refreshers of the content that they are struggling with.

On Tuesday, students will be taking their Mid-Year Science Benchmark exam. This covers both our Matter Unit and our Energy Unit. Preparing for the energy portion of the exam should be easy — preparations for the Energy Unit Exam will cover that. To prepare for the Matter portion of the exam, there is a Matter Quizizz posted in Google Classroom. Students can use the process described above with the Matter content to ready themselves for that portion of the exam.

The benchmark will be entered into the gradebook, but it will not be weighted. It is designed primarily as a check-in for students — to see if they are doing a good job remembering the content covered in class since the beginning of the year. Because our End of Grade Exam is also cumulative — covering every unit that we study from July to June, constant revisiting is required in order to do well on the exam.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter