Math Benchmark next week

Dear parents,

Good evening! It was so nice to see everyone at the Awards Ceremony this morning : ). Thank you for coming out!

All 6-4 students will be taking the 6th grade math benchmark next week.

Math 6 and Math 6Plus students will complete the benchmark in class on Thursday 2/8. Compacted math students and 7Plus students will complete the benchmark during Spartan Time on Wednesday and Thursday.

What material does it cover?
Topics from the first semester: decimal and fraction operations, exponents, order of operations, factors and multiples (GCF/LCM), integers, coordinate plane, algebraic properties, algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities.

Will this affect my grade?
I will record the scores in PowerSchool, but the scores will not count towards the students’ averages. Scores will reported in the EOG format (1-5).

Suggestions for studying?
I recommend browsing through the GoogleClassroom and watching videos on topics that seem fuzzy.

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns! Wishing everyone a restful weekend.

Kate Kotik