Social Studies- Update

Our goal this week was to dust off the school books and get back to our study of Greece. We began the week by reviewing the Greek city- states and identified the some features like an acropolis and agora. We examined the history of the battle of Marathon and the story behind the modern day marathon race. If you are curious as to why it is 26.2 miles, ask your student. It’s probably not the answer you were expecting. On Friday the students explored the background and accomplishments of Alexander the Great analyzed how he was able to build an empire on two continents.

Currently your student is working on a Greek Pottery Project. They were assigned to draw an illustration on an outline of a Greek pot. The students are then going to write a few paragraphs about the topic they illustrated. The assignment and template for the paragraphs is on Google Classroom. This will be due on Friday 2/2. There will also be a Greek Unit test on Thursday of next week. Students will be receiving a study on Monday and a Quizlet of vocabulary terms will be posted on the Google Classroom as well.

ps- any Glue Stick donations would be greatly appreciated 😊

Have a great weekend!