2nd Semester supplies reboot

Hey Gnome Families,

It was so great to see all of your students back in classes today. I know there were some very sleepy eyes this morning (mine included). The snow days of last week now seem like a life time ago.

But once again, the students totally impressed us on how well they were able to return to the rigors of the school day. So kudos to the kids for hitting the ground running. And kudos to you parents for helping them to be ready and prepared.

On that note, as we begin this new semester, we could really use a refresh on some essential supplies. We are low on our supply of tissues, hand sanitizer, and Clorox wipes. Also Mrs. Barrow and Mr. Sudlow would like to request some glue stick donations for the 2nd half of the year. Our supplies are running a bit low.

So when you are out and about doing some shopping, if you could add some of these items to your list we would be very grateful. Thank you so much we certainly appreciate all your support!

We are looking forward to a great quarter!