Science Update

Dear Parents,

Just a quick update on science happenings:

Finishing up our study of heat: Over the last few weeks, we’ve been studying the way that heat transfers from one object to another. We’ve talked at length about conduction and convection and we will look closer at radiation as we get into our study of light. We are just now finishing up a project focused on conductors and insulators. Your students have designed a container to try to prevent an ice cube from melting.

All of those assignments can be found in Google Classroom. There are also a few fill in the blank handouts that serve as notes for your students. Those notes will come in handy as kids begin to prepare for any assessments that we take on this topic.

Moving into a study of light: Our next mini unit will be a study of light. We will be looking at how light travels, how it is converted into heat, and how colors work. The kids usually dig this mini study simply because light plays a major role in our lives but we don’t often think about exactly what it is or how it works.

There are a bunch of new grades posted in PowerSchools. Your students will be opening up Powerschool in Spartan Time today as a part of their three week grade check-in, so they should have a good sense of the scores that they are making and the ways that they can raise those scores. If you haven’t seen your child’s grades in a while, today would be a good day to ask them about it!

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter