LA Update

Happy Friday!

Parents- so you that you are aware: students reflected on their interim grades today during Spartan Time. We are asking that you all have a conversation about their strengths, areas of improvements and current scores, and return the form to their homeroom teacher next week. Thank you for your help with this!

We began poetry circles today and they went super-well. I heard awesome discussion about the adversities facing the characters, and I saw many kids wrapped up in the books. I hope this is a great chance for kids to get their hands on several different texts and hopefully find a couple that they want to read. It also gives us a chance to learn how to read and understand poetry together. The poetry packets are due on Monday, December 11.

Coming up- there will be a poetry assessment, Tuesday, December 12, and then students will begin writing their own narrative poems which will be completed just before we track out.

Looking forward to the next few weeks!

Have a great weekend,

Chambliss Barrow

6-4 Language Arts

Salem Middle School