Social Studies- Update

This week in Social Studies the focus has been on ancient South Asia. Students examined their amazing accomplishments in the areas of math, science, and architecture. They created timelines of some of the major groups and empires that ruled South Asia. We analyzed the idea of Cultural Diffusion, or the influence of culture from one group to another and how South Asia is a great example of this occurring. Lastly the students studied the origins of Buddhism; from its foundation and beliefs, to the spread of this religion throughout Asia.

Next week the students will review on Monday and take the ancient South Asia unit test on Tuesday. The students have a Review to work on over the weekend. Monday we will go over the answers. There is also a Quizlet made for vocabulary. The link is posted in Classroom. The Ancient South Asia unit test will be on Tuesday. In the latter part of next week, we will begin the next unit on China. Our first focus will be on Geography.

Have a great weekend!