Science Update

Dear Parents,

Just a quick update on happenings in science class:

Finished our last matter unit concept: Yesterday in class, we finished studying our last concept for the matter unit by studying what happens to matter when it is heated. Students have a handout that they need to complete documenting several observations that they saw in class. That handout will be due on Monday or Tuesday of next week.

Began preparing for our end of unit assessment: Our end of unit assessment for matter will be held on Wednesday of next week. We’ve been doing a bunch of review for that assessment in class over the course of the week. We will continue with that review between now and Tuesday. There will be an official study guide posted in Google Classroom tomorrow, but in the meantime, students can be studying with Quizizz and Quizlet review materials posted in Google Classroom.

Two practice task grades going in averages: Students have two Quizizz review tasks that they must complete for a grade posted in Google Classroom. They may take the Quizizz tests as many times as they like to earn a score that they are proud of — but the work must be completed no later than Monday.

Solubility lab work due today: Last week in class, we completed a solubility lab. The writing for that lab is due today. Doublecheck with your students to see if they have turned it in.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter