Social Studies- Update

First off, I want to shout out to the students that I was so impressed with their readiness for school. I felt like we didn’t miss a beat getting back into a school routine. Great job kids!

This week in Social Studies the focus has been on ancient South Asia. The students created their own TALDOGS map of the area using their own choice for colors and symbols to represent. Then we reviewed our understandings of the Indus River civilizations with an archeology activity that required them to make conclusions about these people and their way of life. Later in the week the students analyzed the makeup of the Indian Caste System and the impacts that this had on people’s roles in society. Students wrote a short journal entry explaining what life would be like as a certain caste. Then the focus on Friday was on the basic understandings of Hinduism and its customs and traditions. Over the weekend the students will be working on a puzzle based off a reading on the Ganges River.

Next week the students will be examining an excerpt of one of the more famous stories of ancient India, the Ramayana. We will also investigate the achievements of these people, considering some advanced mathematical ideas as well as projects like the Taj Mahal. Student will also be creating a timeline that illustrates some of the Empires that ruled this area and the impact that each had on way of life.

Have a great weekend.