Will YOU Collect Boxtops for Education for Us?

Dear Parents,

Just wanted to send out a request: Can you keep your eyes open for "Boxtops for Education," the small icons that appear on the packaging for a WHOLE TON of popular products that you are probably already buying?

If you see them, can you tear them off or cut them out and send them in to me?

Our Student Council collects them and turns them in, and they make a HECK of a lot of money doing it. I didn’t realize it, but each boxtop is worth 10 cents.

If we get our whole team collecting them and sending them in, those dimes add up to TON of cash that our Student Council can use.

And this year, that money is going to provide mini-grants for teachers doing interesting projects in their classrooms that our STUCO representatives want to support.

Thanks a ton,

Bill Ferriter