Your Students Have Access to Powerschool – the Online Gradebook.

Dear Parents,

Just a quick heads up: Today, we are going to the library to get students all set up and signed in to Powerschool — the online gradebook that students can access to see their averages and their grades for individual assignments in all classes.

That’s a SUPER important service in middle school.

Students are expected to check their grades on a regular basis to look for assignments that are missing and/or assignments that can be reworked for a higher grade. We don’t send grade reports home frequently during the course of a quarter simply because students can access this information on their own whenever they want.

Students can access Powerschool by clicking on the icon in the "Apps for Students" section of the Salem Middle School homepage. They can also access Powerschool from an app on their personal devices. Directions for finding and logging into the app can be found on this Essential Apps page of our media center website.

As a parent, you can get your own username and password for Powerschool.

The process is somewhat detailed simply because Powerschool shares tons of personal information about your child. WCPSS wants to make sure that the only person that can access that information are legal guardians of our students. But it is well worth doing because you will use that access to track your child’s grades for as long as he/she is in a Wake County Public School.

You can find directions for getting your own Powerschool account here on Wake County’s website.

Know, however, that until you have your own access, you can ask your student to login to THEIR account to see their grades.

The information students have access to is the same as the information that you have access to. If you don’t have internet access at home, you can ask your child to sign in here at school and print out a score report for you to see.

Hope this helps,

Bill Ferriter