Would You Sponsor a Science World Magazine Subscription?

Dear Parents,

During the upcoming school year, the sixth grade science teachers are going to be working to incorporate nonfiction reading lessons into our classrooms. To make these lessons engaging, we want to focus on science themed current events, which sixth grade students REALLY enjoy.

To pull this off, we need your help: We’d like to order 30 subscriptions to Science World magazine , a highly rated monthly science reader written specifically for middle school students. Each subscription costs $9.50 for 10 monthly issues which we will use for regular lessons on how to read nonfiction text and which will be available for students to read during our twice-weekly silent reading sessions in my room.

Our science department’s budget isn’t large enough to cover this cost, so we’re hoping that we can find parents who are willing to make a donation to help us to pay for these magazines.

If we receive more than 30 subscriptions, we will ALSO be purchasing subscriptions of a nonfiction classroom magazine for math and language arts classes, too. Again, our goal is to give kids access to high-interest, nonfiction content in as many of their core classes as possible.

If you are willing to make a donation, please return this form along with cash or a check made out to Salem Middle School by Friday, September 1st.

Be well,

Bill Ferriter