LA Update

Weekly update!
In preparation for the main event today, we read about some of the strangest and scariest eclipse myths throughout history. They were entertaining and interesting to learn about, for sure!

Our overall goal this week is to begin comparing Percy Jackson to the common patterns found in history’s super heroes. We will use “The Hero’s Journey” text outlined by Joseph Campbell, an American psychologist and mythological researcher. It should be cool to kids to see that the patterns of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, Katniss from Huger Games and even Simba from The Lion King all have very similar heroic journeys.

After much practice and investigation, students use evidence from two texts to a paragraph explaining how Percy Jackson’s experiences align with “The Hero’s Journey”. Big week!

Kids- please keep up with your reading. Chapter 5 due Wednesday, chapter. 6 dues Friday and chapter 7 over the weekend!

Chambliss Barrow
Salem Middle School
6th grade language arts